1. Book any product with minimum Rs. 2500/-.
2. India Unity Marketing every month a coupon will be drawn and one of the listedproducts will be given to the winner without paying extra amount except only bookingamount of Rs. 2500/-.
3. Those who fail to win any coupon in the year will be given any product of his/her choice by paying rest of the amount of that product exceeding Rs. 2500/-.


India Unity Marketing Team provides the full support to their Distributors and Customers any time.


India Unity Marketing Team arranges the seminar every month for their distributor to promote and business.

Lucky Draw

India Unity Marketing Team withdraw Lucky draw of their all customers and distributors every month. You can check the Draw products list.

business model of INDIA UNITY MARKETING.


India Unity Marketing sells the comprehensive range of electronic products directly to the consumers.


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Consumers can change their Life after being part of India Unity Marketing.

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